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Our Scholarships.

2023 Scholarship Recipients:

Cadence Van Stry

Kellenberg Memorial High School

Dylann Hohmann

Chaminade High School

The Foundation currently funds three scholarships — two academic scholarships
and one athletic tuition scholarship — for local students.


Male $7,500 Chaminade Michael Diamond Scholarship

At the 2022 Golf Outing, the Foundation presented the inaugural Michael Diamond Scholarship to Aidan Urquiola of Long Beach.  After graduating from Long Beach Middle School in June, Aidan enrolled at Chaminade High School in Mineola. 


Aidan is the son of a police officer, and he shares and exhibits the Foundation’s values, including hard work, dedication, and a love for the community. The Foundation is proud to award Aidan a $7,500 scholarship to attend Chaminade.


Female $7,500
Jenéa Diamond Scholarship

At the 2022 MDCF Golf Outing, the Foundation presented the inaugural Jenéa Diamond Scholarship to Brigid Kelly of Long Beach.  After graduating from Long Beach Catholic Regional School in June, Brigid began her freshman year at Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead.  


Brigid is a hard-working and caring student, whose former principal, Ms. Kerry Kahn, could not speak more highly of her.  The Foundation is proud to award Brigid a $7,500 scholarship to attend Sacred Heart.

Long Beach Lightning 2.png

Long Beach Lightning Year-Long Tuition Scholarship

The  Foundation is proud to announce that it awarded a $4,000 scholarship for a local youth hockey player with financial need.  The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition for participating with, and playing for, Long Beach Lightning Hockey.  

This scholarship is dear to our hearts, given how much Mike loved Long Beach hockey.  We can only imagine how happy Mike must to know that a scholarship in his name has given a local kid the chance to play hockey he might not otherwise have received.

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